Fairview Park - Master Plan Update

To update the Fairview Park Master Plan

Fairview Park - Fencing, Signage, and Trail Restoration

To fix and replace fencing and signage, and to rehabilitate trails that are in various states of disrepair.

Canyon Park - Inventory, Management, and Restoration Plans

Initiate an official flora and fauna inventory of Canyon Park; develop management and restoration plans. 

Westside Costa Mesa City Office

Feasibility Study for additional City Council meeting spaces and offices.

The Lions Park Projects

Multi-phase project consisting of new library and playground areas.

Fire Station #2 - Reconstruction

Replacement of City Fire Station #2

Downtown Recreation Center - HVAC Roof Top Units Replacements

Replacement of 4 HVAC units at Downtown Recreation Center

Downtown Aquatic Center - Pool Replaster

Re-plaster of Downtown Aquatic Center pool

Costa Mesa Bridge Shelter

Bridge Shelter for individuals in need of a fresh start to pursue permanent housing opportunities. 

City Hall - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Installation of up to five electric vehicle charging stations at City Hall

Citywide Street Rehabilitation Project

Citywide Street Rehabilitation

Sunflower Avenue Traffic Signal Synchronization Project

Traffic signal timing and equipment upgrades along Sunflower Avenue